How the peony took me back

Peonies are too beautiful for anyone not to like them. They are also Blair Waldorf’s favourite flowers and of course she has access to them all year round. In this dream performance of a New York queen, I strolled to a florist and bought ten closed peonies. With a look in love, I cut her carefully, put her in a proper place and waited. With each additional day my corners of my mouth sank down a little bit. And the roses hung their heads more and more. The day came when I realized that I would not enjoy them and I never bought closed peonies again.

It’s been some time since I finished my bloomon subscription, but I’ve been pausing since pregnancy because I noticed that the flowers didn’t get the attention they deserved. My desire was awakened again and although I was always very enthusiastic about the medium size, I decided now for the small bouquet. I almost forgot what special creations the team always comes up with, but there was one point I was sceptical about: there was a closed peony in the bouquet. Sadly and joyfully at the same time I draped the flowers in the vase and paid no attention to the rose – I am honest, I did not believe in her.

So while I admired all the other beauties, silent ah’s and oh’s sounded, the rose secretly recaptured the stage. With each day she grew bigger and presented her beauty in a rich pink that turned pale yellow with time. She grew bigger and bigger and I could only marvel at the wonder of nature and watch her become the centre of the bouquet and all the flowers applaud.

The company philosophy of bloomon promises an experience and I can definitely confirm this. Apart from this surprise, every single bouquet is always something very special that you can’t just find around the corner. The flowers are selected with love and come directly from nurseries, that is, not a wholesaler in between, but directly to the customer. You can always be absolutely sure that the flowers are fresh – which is why I always have a period of two weeks. Yes. Really! The flowers hold a felt eternity.

In addition, I would like to mention the learning effect – because my knowledge of botany is unfortunately not that good. The flowers are delivered with a card, on which you get some information and feel more smoothly formed and want to hold your flowers with a Latin name under everyone’s nose.

I look forward to many more bouquets, because although I love flowers in the apartment, I forget it very often. But there is a specified delivery time window and you don’t have to worry about anything. Just open the door, give the heavily breathing courier a joyful smile and take care that you are less hectic because the anticipation tickles your neck.

My peony has faded. But I don’t want to dispose of the flowers, because the picture of decay is so poetic that my paranoia for order has moved understandingly into other corners.

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